If you join our Lakeland family what can you expect from us?

Pups come with a micro chip,  vet book, first injections, pictures from birth to eight weeks and detailed information on the breed including standards, grooming notes and the history of the Lakeland from 1928 when the breed was officially recognised by the Kennel Club in England.  You can also expect us to support you both while the pup is growing and later when it is an adult.

What do you need to do to be ready?

Identify and have ready where the pup will sleep.

Have suitable bedding.

Know what your pup is eating and have supplies ready.

Have a collar and lead when you pick the pup up.

If in doubt ask questions.

Yes it will pee and then pee and poo some more, so be prepared for that.

Read and learn about your future family member. Dogs are like us they are all different.

Know what grooming tools you will need.

Take pup to the vets during the first week to have it checked?

A civil contract will be signed by both parties and for those entering in a 'Lease to Breed contract'' the requirements and benefits will be discussed before purchase of the wee girl.

If you have a question we have the time
Phone: +64 6 878 0014 or 027 8780014