Space on this site is too small to cover all areas in detail.  So below are general comments which you may like to consider before purchasing a Lakeland Terrier.

A puppy is going to quickly grow into a dog and it is very important to consider that fact.  It is easy to love and sell a pup but this pup may live for 14-19 years!

What would happen to your canine friend if something happened to you?

What money will you need to maintain your canine friend?

Are you prepared for the coat maintenance, hygiene issues and the need for social stimulation?

While they are happy to sit with you, they have heaps of energy and like to be involved with you in, games, walks, time at the beach or going shopping.

Your property needs to be secure and the pup need you or a caregiver during the early days (8weeks - 1 year). This is the prime time for teaching your pup what and how you wish it to communicate with you.

Lakelands are smart and shouting and yelling will not gain you respect.  You need to be a positive leader, the 'Alpha Dog'' in this way you will gain leadership respect and the dog will want too please you.  This is a win/win situation for all.   Need help want to know more ask and if we don't know we will tell you where to go to get positive answers.

The Lakeland has a twin coat.  The base coat is wool and is pale cream to white.  Many choose to keep the dog like this as there is no allergies and no hair.  This type of presentation can be clipped or cut into shape.   But for those who wish to keep a hard coloured coat the dog will require hand stripping about 2 - 3 times a year with topping in between.  See the album for different ways of caring for the coat.

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