Our much loved 'jeorge 
Who once played Toto on  stage 
in the Wizard of Oz

We are now in our 26th.year (2021)  Turbo has passed but we still have seamen from Caliente's World Class Lakeland Terrier, Turbo Trouble. Turbo held New Zealand, American and Canadian Champion.

This young man was correct to the standards in every way.

In addition to this we are now working with Lakestone Kennels in the South Island and by working together in this way we are delighted to say that between the two kennels we can now look forward to a very sound breeding future which ensure the continuity of the Lakelands in New Zealand 

  In addition we have seamen stored seamen from two other Dogs and a new boy has arrived who also carries some impressive blood lines.  Both kennels a re facing a healthy future using proven lines and producing some world class dogs from world class lines. 

We know our lines and working and with our owners ongoing support we are able to select the best  females to move forward always conscious that both conformation (looks) and temperament remains paramount.      Keeping a traditional Lakeland to standard

Turbo (picture on right) sired two litters one in March and April.   The young girls from these mattings are now of age to bring Turbo's downline into the world.

This year we hope to bring pups which will carry James, Pete and Turbos lines

More on this as it happens

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