Lakelands have given me so much happiness.  I hope you enjoy these pictures.  Click on the picture to enlarge.  There is no order of events just a little history.

Turbo now NZ Champion but much more that this Turbo is a soul dog he loves, listens and relates to both his oun kind and ours.

Meet Meg sold as a pet an badly treated she came home and became Glady's much loved friend and our Best In Show winner in what is a difficult place to get recognised. The show world.  

Puppies always so cute but will grow up and hopefully with positive responsible owners be another wonderful Lakeland but we must do our part just as rearing a child a pup must also have a leader to show the way.   Meet Turbo2 Turbo's son

Turbo  American, Candian and New Zealand Champion.  Father to many wonderful pups around the world.


Frey lives on a farm and loves to share the cafeteria with the calf's.  She is Pru's much loved friend

Meet 'just jeorge' and Beth playing with her pups and with Sam our red collared Lorie.  Sasha our cat sat watching.  No she will not hurt the bird they play often together

jeorge portrayed by Suzzy in pastel.  For more information on this artist contact the kennel.

Tui is Graham much loved lakkie and can often be seen at Ribbon Parades here she is with Caid at a ribbon parade

Lakkies love kids and kids love lakkies.  Introducing them young is the best idea.  Here Riley and Tui are getting acquainted!   Supervision is close by.

Lola lives in Queenstown with her owner Deannie, she is now sixteen and a half years old and has just got a new friend who Deannie has named Betsy.  Lola's long life can be attributed to all the love and care Deannie has given her

Here a younger Lola is doing the Christmas cooking.  Lola is now 16 years young and in great health. Still so so loved

Met Diggery dog owned by the Seymours,  He is kept in rough coat and I am told is a very gentle terrorist, I mean terrier.

Meg again with her owner Gladys.  Untrained for the show ring Gladys asked if she could take her in and did and won a placing.   When Glady's lakkies went due to old age to rainbow bridge we offered her Meg and since then they have been inseparably

Beth with her last litter sleeping in her crate beside my bed, so Lee can know if we need anything during the night..

George owned by Cedric and Tracy is kept in the rough.  He is full of fun and always ready to go.


Eboney was my second Lakeland but was the founding lady of the Kennel.  She was brushed regularly but was not kept in hard coat. The regular carding kept her coat about 60/40 hard.

Baby Sati (Nepali for friend) a much loved pup she is a black n tan from James first sired litter and was truly gorgeous.

Learning about WHEELS one of the lakkies loves, so beware and make sure you train this issue early.  We do using a skate board.   Here the reds learn to use the wheels not bite them or chase them.

Meet Ruby  a red from Beth's last litter.

Lola enjoying every day as she does, boating, jet skiing, bush walks, snow, swiming its all one to Lola.

Now at rainbow bridge Ch. YTK Freedom or MacPhee also known as Doodlebug was a funny wee chap who's greatest joy was the car.  While he lived the end of his life with Sharon we never forgot him as our 'Doodlebug'

Annie with Tui (Ch.YTK Swift) at a ribbon parade.

I guess mum got this idea from that big dog George who loves his skate board.  Well us little guys can do this too.

Oska trying to get to grips with his new found position.  He wants to play so there will be no show pose today.  Oska lives on Waihiki Island and so enjoys his life at the beach and in the truck.

James came to us early 2007 from Europe, his mother and sister both won classes at Crufts.  He carries Auchenhove blood which we already have and has proved to be a great addition for our kennel  James is now 11 years old.

Theodora a true black n tan lived her life both here in NZ then in France (seen here) and then in England.  She was Chrystella's much adored friend.

Another Tui and Riley game.  This time it is toys in the water bowl  I am told they are inseparable.

Beth's last litter now is it almost time for them to go to their waiting homes.  By having only one or two litters a year and having the owners in place before they are born.  We are able to ensure secure home and by hand rearing in the home the pups are both secure and confident and aware of home daily activity.

More pictures of Tui and Riley.  Now that Riley can crawl the fun is really starting.   Tui has been taught to be gently but doting grandparents are always watching the fun!!!

George lives with Liz but as a pup he had another owner and they used to love to go skating a skill he learned here at the kennel when he was so,so small.

2009 National was a very wet occasion but for the first time in at least a decade 10 Lakelands were on show.  It was hard work getting them ready and some of the coat work left a bit to be desired but it was a statement from this kennel that they were not to be forgotten.

jeorge at 10 months on stage at Papakura in the Wizard of Oz he enjoyed his time both on and off stage with Aimee who was one of the two Dorothy's  It was a lot of fun with jeorge doing all that was required including taking his bow's

Billy and Tui.  Billy came back to us she had been left to her own devices as a pup and had got into trouble.  Her owner was a vet!!   Returning to us we put her on a recovery program and once back on track she went to Graham's for socializing.  She was then placed with her knew owner Liz where she lives out a happy life.

Another picture of Theodora  just before she left to go to France. Is that beautiful or not a true black n tan with a nature to die for.

Love love me do this is Billy and jeorge.  When we were young

These were Kim's kids there was three of them the third one named Tiny did not survive.   


 Mikes pup the only red from Beths last litter

Oska  doing his best at the show.  Oska is much loved and live on an island just near Auckland.

Billy now all happy and ready to go and live her life with Liz.  A very bright wee red who after a bad placement went on to enjoy her life so loved and understood not locked in a cage most of the day!!

Kendal, Karens and Steve's securing himself a win at the 2009 National Dog   A beautiful we man

Lakkies doing what lakkies do best having fun together. Working as a pack.

My first Lakeland called Jessie my introduction to a wonderful breed Sold to me to breed with Jessie was not suitable for this work but made a loyal and wonderful friend.   She will not be forgotten as non of them are.

Mum's trying to get a picture for the cover of the NZKC magazine but listen there are more important things like the sheep in the next paddock!!   Doodlebug,  Berttie and his brother.