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It started about 1995 when I found myself at home alone and wanting a new family member to share my time with.  How was the decision made to breed Lakeland Terriers? Well like many breeders it was an accident that became a passion.

I wanted an Airedale but my partner said it was to big....and here we are.  While I was always proud of the dogs it was not until many years later when I had gained more knowledge and understanding  and support  that our lines improved and our pups at the kennel became something to be very proud of.

We have always put temperament first.  If the dog is not of sound temperament then you have nothing. While some may breed for the show ring alone, our focus was and still is on breeding sound dogs which meet with the standards in all aspects.

The New Zealand show world is very small and sadly often it is more about who you know and not the standard and quality of of the dog presented.   In recent years dog show numbers have dropped dramatically for obvious reasons and sadly as you walk around a ring during judging you hear snippets such as "face judging"' or "you know who will win today".  it is sad for those who breed for excellence and to preserve.

This breed is a rare sight in the show ring and so another issue often faced is the lack of knowledge judges have in regard to this dog. Dogs may be presented with  incorrect size, movement, and type, yet they are often found winning.  A recent example of judges lack of knowledge or the former was when our handler was told that they "thought Turbo was too small!! Yet Turbo was correct to standard in every way; size, weight and type.  He held Championships in American and Canadian and New Zealand. Championships  His seamen was also sought around the world.

It is for this reason this kennel is rarely seen at dog shows. I have often looked at the line up for our group and seen a fine dog of a different breed passed over by the judge for an inferior dog for whatever reason. It is a very sad state.  This perception is held by many.

Today we can offer both handsome sound pups.  We are still the small kennel we always were and still rear the pups in the home.  Our bitches live with their owners and the dogs with us.  By working together we continue to breed pups we are proud of.  We have established a private Facebook page for out owners to share and enjoy their pups and dogs.

It is a very positive system due to the fact that the females are in their own home, not kennels. This gives the pups a great start, teaching them everyday life within a family and creating a secure environment for them to explore.  Transferring into their forever homes is somewhat seamless .

For the owners of the female's who work with the kenne to take part in the breeding program it allows their girl to becomes more mature, more at one with the world and all in all a wiser wee girl.   Time and time again owners tell us about the positive changes in their already much loved pets. It ensures our lines are continues and that we are aware of the DNA we are working with.

The main focus of the kennel is not how many pups can we breed but how sound and health are the pups we do breedare   With the Pacific gene pool being so small and the breed being on the endangered world wide list many caring breeders have come together to ensure the small gene pool remains diverse. sound and healthy.  It is in this way that the breed may be secured for the future.

Breeding in this way means honest pedigrees, knowing your lines back many generations and working with those who's dogs compliment or improve your lines.  It is a responsible breeding program and as with all responsible breeding it is expensive and not a profit making venture.  Thank you for reading and sharing this information with us.  Lee


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