'E's little but 'E's wise,'E's a terror for É's Size

Much is written about this wee dog behaviour and you can find that both on the web and in book shops etc..

Here are the main point we believe are important.

Lakelands are highly intelligent and need the following

  • Be consistent from the beginning have routines.  Do not laugh at a pup chewing a broom, chasing water,.......  they will then want to do these acts to please you.  Its funny to see a pup do these things but not so funny when its a grown dog.  The dog will not understand what has changed and when you tell it off .  It will be confused and often try harder!!

    The Lakeland likes to be with you, walking, shopping, on holiday when possible.

    Leaving them at home day after day will lead to the pup/dog making its own fun! An older dog will be happy to wait but with a younger dog engaging a friend or family member who may be happy to puppy sit would be a better choice.

    It is happy to sit with you for long periods but always ready for a game or outing.

    It needs to trust you so do not shout or hit it there really is no need.
    Teach it, it wants to learn and you need it to know.  for example manners when somebody comes, or sits at the table.

    It needs a place to sleep that is warm and dry,  It can only heat an area twice the size of its own body.  Do not sleep it in your bed room when it is small if you do not intend to do that forever!

    It can be very willful when young, be firm use a single word, the one it has already learnt here is "NO" for anything you do not want. If problem continues put the pup away in a secure place and commence corrective training..

    Praise is the winner it loves to be praised but then don't we all.

    These are interactive animals and your biggest success is to recognise this.

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